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Zebra Smart Cabinets

Improve processes and increase asset security thanks to intelligent storage
Zebra Smart Cabinets

Digital meets analog in storage

Smart cabinets allow you to maximize the long-term performance of any device through effective management because the cabinets are more than just storage locations. Electronic elements also enable the equipment to be networked and the batteries to be charged in the storage location. Devices that are not ready, for example because the charging process has not yet been completed, can be identified immediately. This ensures high performance and optimal security in work processes. For large companies with multiple responsibilities, it is possible to implement multiple security levels through electronic access management in order to increase the personal responsibility of employees and to ensure that only authorized staff have access to certain devices.

Overall, the Smart Cabinets offer secure storage solutions with intelligent components for more security, greater work efficiency and simple device management with central management and high cost savings.

What types of smart cabines are there?

  • Closed cabinets: Standardized modular cabinets appeal with their extended security options, which, in combination with electronic access systems, prevent equipment loss and damage and ensure more efficient work flows. They come in a variety of sizes to provide the space your business actually needs. In addition, the number of docking.


  • Open racks: Standardized modular open racks provide consolidated access. They are available in single-sided or double-sided versions and, if required, various assembly options are possible for different working environments and processes.


  • Docking stations with locks: The standardized modular docking stations are compatible with intelligent cabinets and racks and offer a mechanical lock as an additional security element. They can also be mounted on the wall or placed on desks. In conjunction with an access system and the display of the battery level, they improve device availability and user accountability.


  • Custom trolleys: Trolleys are the most mobile storage solution and still offer security thanks to locks. They are WLAN and 4G compatible and available as a customer-specific storage solution for individual use cases and projects.
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