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Zebra FulfillmentEdge

Get unparalleled productivity from your WMS-System

Several complex processes come together in warehouse management, including inventory management, internal logistics and supply chain management. With ever better economic systems, the work volume in warehouses increases with continuously shorter fulfillment times. The only way to meet these requirements and increase productivity is effective digitalization in warehouse management.

An important element are warehouse management systems, or WMS for short, which support material flow management with the help of software. However, these are not always compatible with new technologies or other business intelligence components, and an expensive upgrade is not worthwhile for every company. Zebra's FulfillmentEdge is a practical way to modernize existing WMS and thus increase warehouse productivity without having to make changes.


                        Increased efficiency for processes like:

              • Commissioning
              • Storage
              • Supply Chain
              • Packaging
              • Shipping
              • Receipt of consignments

24% more commissions with dynamic workflows

With FulfillmentEdge you replace your linear work processes in warehouse management with dynamic orders. These take into account an employee's location, any tasks that can be performed at that location, and the priority of the incoming commission. The precise distribution and classification enables employees to process several orders and to store newly received or returned items in a single trip through the warehouse.


90% cost reduction for onboarding and training

Many older and current WMS systems require the use of terminal emulation (TE) as well as the outdated "green screen" interface, which often need long explanations and introductory times. FulfillmentEdge opens up the possibility of Zebra's Android mobile devices, creating simpler user experiences via intuitive Android interfaces. This saves valuable time in training and onboarding processes for new employees.


100% more flexibility through the integration of other technologies and data sources

All information from any application that could help streamline processes can be used with FulfillmentEdge. This includes, for example, the location of employees, inventory and other stored goods that you may be tracking via WiFi and RFID. In addition, all technologies that are integrated into your existing Zebra Android devices can be used, as well as other cutting-edge technologies such as head-mounted displays.

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