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auto-iD 24/7 is your competent and authorized retailer and distributor for solutions in the area of automatic identification and marking systems.

Our services

We offer our customers individual overall solutions

With a focus on B2B, auto-iD offers 24/7 system solutions in the areas of printers, barcode scanners and RFID systems. We attach particular importance to individual consultation and thus ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Efficient solutions for Auto-ID

  • Alle
  • Digital Signage
  • Card systems
  • Printer systems
  • Data acquisition and management
Room management
Room management

Digital signage and real-time room management can save both personnel costs and material resources thanks to the innovative ROOMZ system.

Visitor management

Our professional solutions for efficient visitor management guarantee the necessary security and administration in access-authorized areas of companies and public authorities.

Identification systems

A customized set of software and hardware components - combined with chip, magnetic stripe or RFID encoding - provides the ideal basis for your identification and access card needs.

Label printers
Label printers

In addition to compact desktop printers and mobile label printers for flexible on-site use, auto-iD 24/7 also offers high-performance models for industrial use.


Our digital solutions include innovative display systems based on e-ink, LED or LCD. When used as an advertising instrument or smart signage system, displays represent a sustainable alternative to conventional measures and also guarantee a special customer experience.

Signature pads

Signature pads make documents requiring signatures and document management digital. Signatures can be digitally captured and inserted into documents using the display and the pen provided.

Tablets and handhelds

Industrial devices for mobile data acquisition facilitate everyday work in trade, industry, warehousing and logistics. The models combine useful features such as inventory control and secure data management with the functions of a smartphone.

Barcode scanners

In the industry, barcode scanners for the long-term and secure recording of sensitive data via barcodes and QR codes show their relevance. With this possibility of automatic identification, scanners simplify processes in warehousing and logistics.

Printer accessories

According to the individual printer models, we supply you with the appropriate consumables such as ink ribbons, cleaning materials or spare parts.

Price tag printers
Price tag printers

For the demand-oriented production of food safe price tag cards for small stores, bakeries or butcheries our price tag printers of the well-known manufacturers Zebra, Evolis or Magicard are suitable.

Card printers

Our card printer range extends from entry-level models for small print runs to high-performance printers from renowned manufacturers such as Zebra, Evolis, Magicard, HID and Datacard. With the user-friendly printer devices, cards made of paper, PVC or alternative materials can be printed easily and economically.


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