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For us, the networking of industrial and economic processes is not only a trend into the future, but a necessity. Our services range from consulting to the implementation of your individual projects, from the installation of our products to the implementation of our solutions. The professional support of the customer is always our first priority.

Variety of smart hard- and software solutions

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Electronic signage

Digital signage in salesrooms, production and warehousing allows you to digitize your business while being sustainable and saving costs. Whether in the commercial or industrial sector, the use of electronic labels allows you to adjust prices quickly and easily.

E-Ink Displays
E-Ink Displays

E-Ink displays allow content and graphics to be displayed digitally without losing the positive properties of paper. The advantages include low power consumption, good legibility and very good viewing angle stability.

Digital door signs

Digital door signs do not only optically enhance retail or office spaces, but can also be used for industry, at events, in gastronomy or tourism. Linked to your calendar system, the room signage always shows the current occupancy of the rooms and automatically releases wrongly booked meeting rooms thanks to the optional sensors.

Newton Touch
Newton Touch

Newton TOUCH is an interactive digital signage display designed for retail. Customers can use the touch function to explore product details, switch between items, browse through different offers or interact with the video rail directly on their smartphone using a QR code.

Digital billboard

Digital billboards or digital customer stoppers are the ideal hardware solution to attract the attention of customers at the point of sale. As an attractive advertising medium, digital signage displays show current information such as discount campaigns, serve as interactive product advisors or information terminals. The advertising board is suitable for a wide range of industries such as the hotel industry, food retailing, electronics retailers, bakeries and butchers.

Vusion Rail

The VUSION Rail - short V:Rail - is an interactive video rail with an  easy to use display. On the V:Rail, prices, moving images and general in-store merchandising can be flexibly adjusted via a touch screen interface. As an interactive marketing tool at the point-of-sale, the V:Rail ensures a special shopping experience for the customer.

Cloud solutions

The cloud is the basis for every successful digital enterprise. With our cloud solutions and cloud services, you can securely capture and link your data, react flexibly and remain competitive in a digitalized economy.

SmaSS Middlware

SmaSS stands for "Smart Signage System" and describes a middleware solution that links your MES or ERP system with the electronic label system of e-shelf labels.

IIoT platform
IIoT platform

An IIoT platform is a solution to digitise traditional paper-based industrial processes. It combines various Industry 4.0 applications such as pick-by-light, e-Kanban and the digital consignment note. With analysis tools and a digital representation of the warehouse, processes can be designed with maximum efficiency.

SAP ERP E-Ink Label Add-On

Through the process-related integration into the company information system, internal goods flows in warehouse and logistics processes can be controlled more efficiently and in a more resource-saving manner with the help of the SAP ERP - E-ink Label Add-on. Thus, the data stored in the SAP system can be transferred to the Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) via the link to the SmaSS middleware and, for example, current inventories in the company can be shown on the displays.


We offer various software solutions for location and identification, which make it easy to digitise the shop floor or production facility. Thanks to real-time data on the movements of objects and interactive applications, production and logistics processes can be made more efficient.

Scan & Go
Scan & Go

With Scan & Go, e-shelf-labels offers a central payment solution in connection with digital labels (electronic shelf labels), which revolutionizes the shopping experience for customers and allows fully automated billing. With Scan & Go, customers can pay conveniently and contactlessly at the shelf and call up all product information at a glance.


Captana is the perfect solution in the field of automated Real-Time Shelf Monitoring in combination with Electronic Shelf Labels. The system guarantees a real-time inventory overview. This allows vacancies and depositions on shelves to be detected and minimized in time.

Narrowband and NFC-Label
Narrowband and NFC-Label

E-label manufacturer PDI is getting you ready to enter the narrowband - with electronic labels that communicate with each other in the low-frequency range (LTE network). They also incorporate and use NFC chips for fast and trouble-free reading.

Interactive product advisors

Advanced Interactive Store Systems (AISS) offer interactive advisory systems that help customers make immediate purchase decisions, eliminate the need for further online research on the desired item and provide useful statistics on customer behavior.


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