Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) by Zebra

Automation in intralogistics

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are becoming increasingly valuable in the field of logistics and production. Industrial robots, or mobile robots in general, offer a number of benefits in applications that improve processes, productivity and cost efficiency in various logistics operations. Here are some of the most important applications of AMRs in logistics and industry.

Overall, the use of autonomous mobile robots in logistics and other industries leads to greater operational efficiency, higher accuracy, lower costs and improved safety. As the number of available workers continues to decrease, while technology on the other hand continues to advance, AMRs will become more prevalent as an intelligent solution in a wide range of industries. Collaborative robots in particular will play an important role in automation and the road to Industry 4.0. They will take over repetitive tasks such as moving goods between different workplaces or warehouse positions, for example, in order to free up employees' time for more skilled work on the other hand. The simple handling, the quick integration of the system into the running operation and the flexible mode of operation and synchronisation of man and machine make AMR solutions indispensable in the future.

AMR solutions

Collaborative robots

In some cases, AMRs work alongside human workers as collaborative robots or cobots. These robots can help lift heavy objects, move large items or transport materials, reducing physical strain and improving safety in logistics. The sensors make the robotic system suitable for human-robot collaboration and by automating various processes, AMRs speed up the order fulfilment process.

Stock management

AMRs equipped with scanners and sensors can perform inventory management tasks independently or assist warehouse workers. Through software interfaces, they can check stock levels during inventories and update inventory databases in real time. Automated and database-driven inventory minimises errors, saves time and human resources and provides data for demand analysis.

Pick and pack

AMRs can be used for picking and packing processes. They navigate the aisles, locate required items and transport them to the designated packing stations. This reduces the time and effort that would be needed for manual picking processes, minimises errors and increases order accuracy.

Transport of goods

AMRs can autonomously transport goods within warehouses or distribution centres. They can navigate through dynamic environments, avoid obstacles and optimise their path. By automating material handling tasks, AMRs reduce the need for manual labour, streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

AMR integration process

A step-by-step guide to the integration of autonomous mobile robots
AMR integration process

Zebra Symmetry™️ Software

Zebra Symmetry™️ offers a wide range of features and tools that enable businesses to better manage their inventory, maximise productivity and increase accuracy in the recording and tracking of goods. The software integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyse real-time data and make informed decisions.

One of the outstanding features of Zebra Symmetry™️ is the automation of warehouse and logistics processes. The software enables the seamless integration of robotic systems and autonomous vehicles to maximize efficiency in picking, packing and shipping goods. With an intuitive user interface, users can configure and monitor various automation tasks, minimizing human errors and increasing productivity.

In addition, Zebra Symmetry™️ offers powerful analytics tools that enable companies to gain valuable insights into their supply chain activities. By monitoring and analysing data on inventory levels, lead times and stock movements, companies can identify bottlenecks, optimise processes and make informed decisions to increase operational efficiency.



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